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Magic Scope: Coloring Book

“Magic Scope: Coloring Book, invites you in  the Looking-Glass world where refraction will be change your impression. In this world, there are no realistic things, but every detail plays a role like an actor in the theater. Perhaps some of  the images will look like animal or insect but nothing concrete. Just a little bit of magic and fantasy in everyday life .

Manic Botanic: Coloring Book

Manic Botanic, Zifflin’s Coloring book, invites you to get in touch with nature in all of its glory. In incredible detail, Vinnik has captured some of nature’s most dynamic duos. Time slows down so you can explore the undergrowth, and allow yourself to be whisked into a whimsical botanical world. Combining intricate detail with humour and admiration for the creatures it depicts, coloring Manic Botanic is an exercise in mindfulness, and appreciation for the little things.

H. C. Andersen's Fairy Tales

Commissioned illustration.

"The world of dolls. Stories and Legends" is my first book. I did it all by myself - text, graphics, design, layout. Now the book is finally published, and I am pleased to present it to you. It's children's book, most likely for girls than for boys, because I wanted to make a book that I fell short of in childhood.

The World of Dolls. 

Stories and Legends

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