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Coockatoo wallpaper

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The tropical jungle is a symphony of vibrant colors and diverse life forms. Among its lush foliage, the pandan plant stands tall, showcasing its emerald leaves and abundant fruits. In this enchanting setting, an intriguing sight unfolds—an assembly of six black cockatoos perched gracefully amidst the pandan's branches.

The black cockatoos, with their glossy ebony feathers and striking crests, add a touch of elegance to the already breathtaking tropical scenery. Their presence embodies the harmony between nature's beauty and the creatures that inhabit it. As they navigate the dense foliage, their distinctive calls reverberate through the jungle, enhancing the allure of this magical place.

This work was completed in 2020. I want to show the steps of its creation. Image size 114*80 cm. The drawing was made with ink on paper, then scanned and colored in Photoshop. Wallpapers with this design are sold in the Wonderwall studio (Poland)

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