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Genesis. Christian myth
  • Genesis. Christian myth

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    One of 12 illustrations depicting the world's creation through various civilizations' myths is a fascinating project. The Christian myth of creation in seven days, as outlined in the book of Genesis, describes God creating the world over a week: Day 1: God creates light and separates it from darkness. Day 2: God creates the sky or firmament, separating waters above from waters below.Day 3: God separates the waters to form seas and dry land and creates vegetation.Day 4: God creates the sun, moon, and stars.Day 5: God creates sea creatures and birds.Day 6: God creates land animals and then forms man and woman.Day 7: God rests, blessing the seventh day as a rest.


      Original watercolor artwork on 100% cotton paper 300gsm. Have size 56*38 cm (22*15 in) Created in 2022


      Shipping is currently available worldwide.  The parcel will be sent from Russia within five working days. A tracking number will be provided to the buyer upon shipment.


      We cannot accept returns or provide refunds for customized or personalized items unless they arrive damaged or defective. If your item arrives damaged or faulty, please get in touch with us with supporting evidence (e.g., photos) so we can assist you with a replacement or refund. 

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