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Genesis. Christian myth
  • Genesis. Christian myth

    One of 12 illustrations depicting the world's creation through various civilizations' myths is a fascinating project. The Christian myth of creation in seven days, as outlined in the book of Genesis, describes God creating the world over a week: Day 1: God creates light and separates it from darkness. Day 2: God creates the sky or firmament, separating waters above from waters below.Day 3: God separates the waters to form seas and dry land and creates vegetation.Day 4: God creates the sun, moon, and stars.Day 5: God creates sea creatures and birds.Day 6: God creates land animals and then forms man and woman.Day 7: God rests, blessing the seventh day as a rest.

    • Original watercolor artwork on 100% cotton paper 300gsm. Have size 56*38 cm (22*15 in) Created in 2022

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