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Genesis. Norse Mythology
  • Genesis. Norse Mythology

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    One of 12 illustrations depicting the world's creation through various civilizations' myths is a fascinating project. 


    Ginnungagap is a concept from Norse mythology. According to Norse mythology, Ginnungagap is the space between the realms of fire (Muspelheim) and ice (Niflheim). It was a vast and formless void devoid of light and life. In this void, the primordial forces of fire and ice, represented by the giants Surt and Ymir, collided and interacted.


    The clash of fire and ice within Ginnungagap led to the creation of the cosmos. As the fire and ice met and mingled, it gave rise to the first living beings and the material from which the world was formed. From the merging of fire and ice came the creation of the giant Ymir, the ancestor of all giants, and the cow Audhumla, whose licking of the salty ice revealed the first god, Buri.


    Ginnungagap is a fundamental concept in Norse cosmology. It represents the chaotic and dynamic forces from which the ordered universe emerged. It symbolizes the eternal cycle of creation and destruction, where new life arises from the clash of opposing forces.

    • Original watercolor artwork on 100% cotton paper 300gsm. Have size 56*38 cm (22*15 in) Created in 2022

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