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Irina Vinnik is an artist who is passionate about creating art that captures the beauty of the world around us. Her portfolio is a collection of diverse, colorful works that use a variety of mediums and styles to create thoughtful, meaningful pieces.


Irina’s artwork is inspired by her travels and her love of nature. She strives to capture the richness of life and to spark joy and reflection in her viewers. Through her art, she invites everyone to explore the beauty and complexity of the world. Irina sees the "roots" and hears the wings


Experienced Freelance Illustrator with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. Strong arts and design professional skilled in Cover Art, Vector Illustration, Graphics, Logo Design, and Typography.

Irina Vinnik was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Currently based in Thailand

By education - an architect, graduated from St. Petersburg Architectural University.

Author and illustrator of children's books. Her  author-illustrator book, "The world of dolls. Stories and Legend" was published in Russia in 2009


Member of collective exhibitions, including in the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

Hand drawn works in ink, watercolor, printing techniques (etching, aquatint) Well recognizable at first glance, the style of work can be described as botanical fantasy.

Created a series of thematic calendars inspired by the mysticism and naivety of old manuscripts (2011-2024). Irina's works are in private collections in Russia, USA, UK, France, Canada, Hungary, Finland.

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