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Nautilus. Calendar 2022

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The ninth edition of the Calendar includes graphic and watercolor illustrations, united by the common theme of observing the seasonal changes in nature. The illustrations are reminiscent of submarine windows. As if you are looking from the inside at the amazing and beautiful world outside. The reference to Captain Nemo's submarine is the first reason why the calendar is called the Nautilus.

The second reason is that Nautiluses are absolutely beautiful and mysterious molluscs. They have been watching the changing world from their well-arranged shells for many millions of years. Perhaps they are the oldest living creatures on the planet. They probably understand that the beauty of nature is endless, it has always been and will always be, it is important to see it and then time will slow down, giving a sense of harmony and silence in our slightly crazy world.
The calendar was printed in the format of 36*62 cm.

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