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Hydrangea forest

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The Enchanted Hydrangea Forest is a realm of magic and wonder—a sanctuary where reality and fantasy converge. Nestled within this mystical place are majestic hydrangea trees that captivate all who enter. With their vibrant hues and ethereal presence, these trees transform the forest into an otherworldly tapestry of colors and magic.

A peculiar phenomenon graces the Hydrangea Forest—the soft rustling sound of petals brushing against one another. It is said that these whispering petals carry messages from unseen spirits, sharing ancient wisdom and guiding lost souls through the labyrinthine paths of the forest. As visitors traverse the winding trails, they may feel a gentle caress upon their skin or catch faint whispers on the breeze, heightening their connection to the mystical energies that reside within.

Legend has it that the Hydrangea Forest possesses mystical powers of healing and rejuvenation. The delicate scent of the hydrangea blooms is believed to soothe troubled minds and uplift weary spirits, offering solace and tranquility to all who seek respite within its embrace. A walk through the Hydrangea Forest is said to cleanse the soul and restore balance to one's being, allowing visitors to leave behind their worries and immerse themselves in the enchantment of the natural world.

The work was created in 2020. It has dimensions of 76*46 cm. The image used as wallpaper by the studio Wonderwall (Poland). The original painting is in a private collection

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