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Irina Vinnik is captivated by the changing seasons and expresses this fascination through her art. She has a distinctive style of drawing calendars as their primary subject matter. Irina's artwork showcases each season's beauty, transitions, and essence, capturing the unique characteristics that define them.
Through their meticulous attention to detail, the artist portrays landscapes, flora, and fauna that are representative of each season. They skillfully incorporate blooming flowers and vibrant colors for spring, sunny beaches, lush greenery for summer, falling leaves and warm hues for autumn, and snow-covered landscapes and frosty motifs for winter.
With a deep appreciation for the passage of time and the transformative power of nature, this artist's calendars invite viewers to reflect on the beauty and transience of the seasons. Her work constantly reminds us of the ever-changing world around us and encourages us to embrace and cherish the unique qualities each season brings.

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